Heineken wants you to 'Drink Sensibly'

Sport a tee and join the movement!

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 10 Oct 2016

Drink Sensibly tees
Photo: Pestle & Mortar; Heineken

Let's get serious for a second: how many times have we witnessed someone falling on themselves, requiring the aid of strangers to get them into the cab? Or heard terrible news of drunk driving? One time too many, we think. And though films and pop culture tend to glamourise the effects of getting wasted, in reality, overdoing it is never cool or fashionable. Popping bubbly should be fun and happy, not a cause for tragedy.

In light of encouraging a more responsible drinking culture, Heineken has teamed up with local label Pestle & Mortar to produce a limited edition line of Drink Sensibly tees. The four piece collection features tongue-in-cheek quotes that serve to remind (albeit in a trendy, typography-centric design) us on the importance of knowing our limits.

To score these tees, head on to the Drink Sensibly website. There are limited shirts for each design so get clicking!

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