French Connection UK to join the Angora ban

The British high street label have committed to stop using angora wool in their products

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 17 Oct 2014

FCUK bans angora
Photo: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

British based fashion retailer French Connection joined the anti-animal cruelty side when they announced that they have immediately stopped the use of angora wool in the production of clothing and accessories.

French Connection. also known as FCUK, hads received over 100,000 e-mails and social media comments from their customers stating the cruel ways on how the angora wool is produced in China as 99% of all angora wool is produced in China.

The most prominent was a viral video posted by animal rights group, PETA, on the inhumane and horrifying ways rabbits were abused in the angora farms in China. French Connection isn't the only retailer stopping the use of angora wool.

Fashion brands such as ASOS, All Saints, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, Forever 21, H&M, Topshop and other international brands have committed to permanently ban the use of angora.

"As a fashion brand, we are responsive to our customers and to trends in the market," FCUK said in a statement on its website. "Despite the steps we have taken... We recognise some customers have concerns about the continued inclusion of these fabrics in our ranges," the label continues.

Good on you, French Connection. We can't imagine wearing the adorable bunny as a sweater. Nope. 


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