Fashion student Tina Gorjanc is growing Alexander McQueen's skin

And it's going to be turned into bags

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 21 Jul 2016

Growing McQueen skin
Photo: Tina Gorjanc

[Updated 21 July 2016] A representative from Alexander McQueen has denied reports that Tina Gorjanc ever approached the brand about her project.

"Contrary to some press reports the company wasn't approached about this project nor have we ever endorsed it," a statement from Alexander McQueen reads.


Alexander McQueen has always been known as a rule-breaker and boundary-pusher, so there's no doubt in our minds that he would love this project of Central St Martins student Tina Gorjanc. She plans to use McQueen's DNA, extracted from a lock of his hair, to grow his skin and turn it into bags. Shocking? Yes. Controversial? That too. In line with McQueen's dark, often twisted, aesthetic? Absolutely.

So how does this all work? Gorjanc obtained a lock of McQueen's hair from the institution that owns the late designer's 1992 collection 'Jack the Ripper Stalks his Victims'. McQueen aficionados will remember that the designer said he used his own hair in the collection, encapsulating it in Perspex and using it as just another embellishment. She then worked in the lab to create 'bioengineered genetic material' – skin, to you and me – and will use the resulting material to create jackets and bags. Oh, and McQueen's famous tattoos will also make an appearance. Also freckles, moles, and the ability to get sunburnt.

Photo: Tina Gorjanc

If you were hoping to purchase a piece of McQueen for yourself, unfortunately Gorjanc has no immediate plans to make the collection available for sale. It's primarily an academic and artistic project, which Gorjanc hopes will end up in a gallery. And unsurprisingly, Alexander McQueen the brand has not voiced any objections.  "At my final degree show, one of the McQueen representatives came to see my project," Gorjanc told the Quartz. "They were really fascinated with the idea and I’ve had a really positive response from them." Alexander McQueen is dead, long live Alexander McQueen.

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