Fashion blogger explains why she came clean about Photoshopping

Dana Suchow reminds her Do The Hot Pants readers that everyone has flaws

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Aug 2014

Blogger's confession
Photo: Do The Hot Pants

It would have been just another regular fashion-forward blog post from fashion blogger, Dana Suchow on her blog, Do The Hot Pants. However, as it turned out, she revealed a long-kept secret: many of her photos were Photoshopped to remove flaws.

In her post, entitled Photos I wish I didn't Photoshop, she included before and after photos that reveal how her skin complexion and slightly bulging tummy were retouched.

"I know it might only look like an inch or 2 removed from my waist, or a couple zits blurred here and there, but my stomach and my skin have been huge insecurities for me my entire life. So me revealing these images to you are a HUGE DEAL 4 ME & not to be taken lightly," she wrote.

After receiving many positive comments from her readers, Dana spoke to, explaining how she started out Photoshopping herself, and why she had finally let the cat out of the bag.

We loved when...

...she felt she owed it to her readers to be completely herself.
"I've had acne all my life—even having people see me in the morning without makeup is scary, let alone the whole world seeing me without Photoshop. But I felt like I had to do it and be honest with my readers—and better late than never."

...she decided to put her well-being above the demands of fashion perfection.
"I would spend three hours at the gym on Friday night trying to work out, pushing myself to exhaustion, so that I would look good for a shoot the next day. I finally thought, 'I can't have this ruining my life anymore.'... if I'm killing myself and getting injuries at the gym, just for this blog, then the blog isn't worth it."

...what she did has helped parents to encourage their daughters.
"They're like, 'Thank you for putting yourself out there, I'm showing this to my daughter.' I have to be honest now – I can' t lie to these people who trust me."

...she reminded us of what is real.
"I'm not saying that fashion is wrong or that Photoshop is a terrible program. I'm just saying nothing is real – nothing that you see in an advertisement or on TV is real. Your body is real."

...she dropped the most straightforward advice on her blog post.
"You are a unique goddamn snowflake so never forget that."

We won't Dana, and good on you for keeping fashion honest and shining a light on women's unattainable beauty standards.

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