Fashion Swapping Bridges Generation Gap

An innovative photo series pairs relatives in traditional and contemporary fashions

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 24 Feb 2014

Fashion Swapping
Photo: Qozop

As fashion constantly takes on new incarnations, the old is renewed again and new looks become more easily adaptable to people of all ages. Photographer Qozop tackles the age-old question of what it means to “dress your age” in a new photo series featuring pairs of relatives (parents and their children, or grandparents and grandchildren) wearing each other’s clothes.

In one half of the images, the pair is photographed in their own clothes; in the other, the pair swap their outfits for a surprisingly fresh new take on style. The photos not only take into account the unique fashions of the individual but also contrast western-influenced outfits with the more traditional wear of Malay, Indian and Chinese customs. So we see sarongs juxtaposed against leather biker jackets, baju kurungs swapped with tapered jeans, and traditional prayer caps worn next to baseball caps.

The best part of it all? As odd as the outfit exchanges may seem, they don’t actually look that incongruous. In fact, it kinda works. An old Chinese granddad in an indie plaid outfit and a straw hat? Oh, why not? We’re all for mixing things up.

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