Exclusive: Liu Wen and Siwon Choi team up for H&M Chinese New Year campaign

The Chinese model and South Korean singer talk about working together in this exclusive interview. See their campaign images here

By ELLE Malaysia | Published: 7 Jan 2016

Liu Wen & Siwon
Photo: H&M

Liu Wen and Siwon Choi are quickly becoming our favourite fashion duo. They co-starred in Chinese television drama We Are In Love and now, they've come together again for H&M's Chinese New Year 2016 campaign, which was announced last September.

An exclusive interview with the pair makes its debut on, where the supermodel and Korean heartthrob talk about their chemistry (that's very evident in the campaign images) and what the festival means to them.

What was it like shooting the H&M campaign?
Siwon Choi: Liu Wen and I have had fantastic chemistry since our reality TV show and we are bringing the chemistry to this year's H&M Chinese New Year campaign. The whole team was fantastic to work with; Liu Wen and I had so much fun shooting we were even taking selfies off camera with a selfie stick, as if we wanted to have even more photo shoots off set!

Liu Wen: I have fronted various H&M campaigns in the past with models from all over the world; Siwon is one of the few who speaks better Mandarin than me, which makes the whole experience a lot of fun! During the shoot, we spoke a lot about Chinese New Year aesthetics, such as greetings to say, what to eat and other traditions, as if the Spring Festival had already arrived!

Which were your favourite looks you wore in the campaign and what did you like about them?
SC: From H&M's 2016 Chinese New Year collection, my favourite item would have to be the monkey printed sweater. It is modern, fun and playful, which is the most suitable for this joyful festivity of the year of the monkey!

LW: There are many pieces I like from H&M's 2016 Chinese New Year Collection, but I especially like the floral flare dress in festive red. The dress goes beyond the traditional boundary of traditional festive wear, it is feminine, fashion-forward, and can be worn all year round.

Describe your style and what you will wear for Chinese New Year this year.
SC: In Korea, we call the Lunar New Year Seollal, in which we would traditionally wear Korean clothes called hanbok. In celebration of the Spring festival, I would prefer to put a modern twist to my outfits with happy colours, such as hues in red or burgundy, to signify this happy time of the year.

LW: Chinese New Year is a fun time of the year where we pay tribute to the traditional aesthetic and dress up for this occasion! Wearing red is a must for the Spring Festival, but the style also needs to have a mix of modernism, playfulness, accented by a touch from the East. For example, a pair of oriental tasseled earrings paired with any simple style effortlessly brings liveliness to a festive look during Chinese New Year.

Tell us about your most memorable spring festival celebration.
SC: February in 2011 would the most memorable to me; this was the year before my grandmother passed away. I left to Taiwan for a movie shoot immediately after the visit. It made me realise the importance of spending more time with my parents.

LW: My most memorable Spring Festival celebration would be two years ago, when I travelled from Mexico back home via three different transits: plane, train and bus. I will not forget the moment of joy when I stepped into my home.

What message do you want to portray through this campaign?
SC: Lunar New Year is a rare time of the year where we all get to dress up and celebrate with the most important people in our lives. I hope that the campaign can portray love and happiness because this is what the festival is all about.

LW: I am very happy to be fronting H&M's Chinese New Year campaign with Siwon. The previous reality TV show brought us together, and reception from the audience was fantastic! Audiences like to see positive vibes, and this is exactly what we want to communicate in H&M's Chinese New Year campaign: happiness and positivity! The experience this time is totally different from a TV show; it was absolute joy, and we hope everyone walking past the billboards would feel the same.

H&M's Chinese New Year collection for men, women and children rolls out in stores from 21 January 2016.

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