ELLE Thailand Fashion Week FW 2015: Day 1

We're still not quite sure what we witnessed on the first night of fashion week, but it was out of this world

By Florence Song | Published: 4 Sep 2015

ELLE Thai FW: Day 1
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Day one started out just like any other regular fashion week: local Thai celebrities, fashion bloggers from all around the world (hello Kristina Bazan and Bryanboy), media, buyers, and everyone else in between pulled up at Centralworld Square around 6pm, where the event was held. A few (hundred or so) #selfies and paparazzi shots later, we were ushered into the main hall for the first show of the night – III by Flynow, one of the lines under legendary Thai brand, Flynow, which has been in operation since 1983.

Fourth and fifth from left, Kristina Bazan and Bryanboy (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Inside, we were greeted by a giant tent draped in pink velvet fabric right smack in the middle of the stage. As soon as everyone took their seats, all the lights went off, save for a white spotlight at the start of the runway. A dancer clad in a white leotard, Paddle pop-printed socks and a pink wig soon appeared and started making her way down the runway, all the while performing some form of curious interpretative dance to a soundtrack of water droplets and rain.

At this point, we were intrigued. But things only got weirder and weirder from there. Once the dancer had danced her way (very slowly) down the aisle and back again, the real show was ready to begin. Or so we thought. Models stalked out the runway in a reverse closing walk as a preview of the collection to come.


#threebyflynow has got us wanting for these super rad threads. And a spaceship. Definitely a spaceship. @iiithree #efwfw15

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Then, a giant screen came to life with super cool, trippy visuals of anime-esque Betty Boops.


Trippy anime Betty Boop-esque visuals at the #threebyflynow show earlier tonight. #efwfw15 @iiithree

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As the visuals drew to a halt, the pink velvet drapes covering the middle of stage dropped, revealing what seemed to be two enormous monster slash alien slash what in the world was that even things, pregnant with models in the belly of the beast. One was shaped like a jellyfish, and the other, an octopus. Okay.

The aforementioned dancer; the octopus/alien contraption onstage (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Before we could recover from all the what-the-eff-was-that feels we were feeling, the real show began. Clothes could well be the uniform of a Harajuku, sci-fi, spaceship-steering chick straight out of a Japanese video game. Shiny, shimmery, holographic fabrics shared the stage with crazy, over-the-top cartoon graphic prints – a signature of III by Flynow. Coats, jackets, and even a long-sleeved floor-length gown (our favourite!) were embellished with cut-and-paste stickers featuring cats, mostly, and tongue-in-cheek slogans like, "Don't kiss my ass" and "Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch!" Textures were a hodgepodge mix of fur, shearling, patent and neoprene – everything was just screaming raw, street-glam energy.

(Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Details were not skimped upon either. We crushed especially hard for a particular jacket with gorgeous back zipper detail and wished we could pull off the models' edgy, studded facial jewellery.

(Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Footwear was all platform creepers with holographic details (of course) and chunky platform sandals worn with colourful cartoon print socks. Models wore either edgy peroxide blonde bowl cut hairstyles or tiny tight buns ala Chun Li, while makeup was kept futuristic with white strokes around the eye and pale washed-out lips.

(Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Just when we thought the show was over, the spotlight shifted back to the alien-like beasts in the middle of the runway which had been violently pulsating all throughout the show. As predicted, they started "giving birth" to models who crept dramatically out of its belly and then proceeded to dance-worship around the beasts. It was all very, very weird and yet strangely wonderful to watch.


Finally, 40 minutes after this incredibly elaborate production began, the show drew to an end as models streamed out for a final walk, allowing us to come back to earth with more WTF feels than we've ever experienced in one fashion show. Consider our minds blown, III by Flynow.


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