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Actress and style icon Diane Kruger stars on the cover of ELLE's November issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 23 Oct 2015

November issue
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Queuing has never been my thing. If I have to queue for it, doesn’t matter how hot the party or how delicious the brunch, I’m gone. But the principles of a lifetime may be about to fly out the window after I had a preview of the Balmain x H&M collection in Paris earlier this year.

I’m not the kind of glamazon that typifies the Balmain customer, but there is something so incredibly alluring about the embellishment, the curves and, let’s face it, the unabashed sex appeal that Olivier Rousteing weaves into his clothes — all of which are captured in the capsule he has created for H&M. Plus, he was a delight to interview; far more mature and thoughtful than his party-packed Instagram feed might suggest, even snapping a dozen selfies of the two of us on my phone until he got one he was happy with! Read our exclusive interview with Olivier and see the Balmain x H&M collection for yourself on page 76 of our November issue. (And perhaps I’ll see you in the queue outside H&M Avenue K on November 5?)

I’m back in Paris as I write this, full of inspiration after seeing the Spring/Summer 2016 shows unfold in the flesh. But in magazine land this month it’s Cruise that’s taking its turn in the spotlight. In just a few short seasons Cruise collections have become some of the most important, not to mention wearable, of the year. Turn to page 80 for the start of our coverage, and see which key pieces we’ll be investing in.

There’s something a little ‘unknowable’ about our November cover star, Diane Kruger. She rarely gives interviews, and while her impeccably interesting style has made her a favourite on the red carpet, it’s not that often that we see her there. Diane tells us why that is, and also dishes on what she’s up to next (hint: it involves Lena Dunham).

If you are a regular visitor to our website you’ll know the “badass woman” tag is something we’ve wholeheartedly adopted. On we regularly profile women who own the label, in whatever area they operate in, but after reading Ann Friedman’s essay (page 56) I think it’s time to stop equating “badass” with being a tough automaton. Because really, what’s wrong with a little emotion? Whatever you are doing this month, I hope you do it with feeling


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