December issue editor's letter

ELLE's editor-in-chief introduces the December 2015 issue, starring Korean actress Claudia Kim

By Kate Guest | Published: 24 Nov 2015

December issue
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Party dresses aren’t what they used to be – sequinned, spangly, short and tight. These days they needn’t even be dresses at all. My own rule for party dressing is: if it makes you feel like dancing, go with it. So this season I’m investing in a tuxedo suit for my end-of- year events (see page 140 of ELLE's December issue for suggestions). Team with a gilded clutch (page 99), a pair of whimsically winged heels (page 97) and a grownup glittery eye (page 112) and you’re halfway to the dancefloor.

Amid the whirl of parties and work to finish, year end is a natural time to pause and reflect on the past 12 months. We asked some women who’ve had remarkable years to tell us the biggest lesson they learnt in 2015, and shared a few of our own too (see page 52).

Fashion wise, my 2015 highlight was seeing Raf Simons’ last Dior show in Paris. Of course, at the time we didn’t know it was to be his final for the house, and the news only made the collection more remarkable. We share our other 2015 fashion highlights on page 38.

I’m thrilled to have an in-depth interview with Michael Fassbender, currently earning rave reviews for his movie portrayal of Macbeth, in this issue. Not least because I now have legitimate reason to tell you my Michael Fassbender karaoke story. The sad thing is, it’s not even my story; it’s my husband’s. About seven years ago, when we were living in London, my then-boyfriend went out with some Irish friends and I stayed home. Big mistake. Huge. He got back in the early hours, and when he finally roused late the next day he told me he’d spent the night bar crawling with an actor called Michael Fassbender. “Heard of him?” I hadn’t, even though by then he’d already been in 300. (I’m terrible with remembering actors.) The night had ended with the two of them singing Frank Sinatra duets. (My husband is tone deaf; Fassbender, apparently, is not. In fact, he may have been referred to as a “microphone hog”.) The lesson? Go out more; you never know who you might meet.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a December issue if we didn’t offer some gift suggestions. You’ll find ELLE’s edit of trinkets and treasures on page 90, and lots of other suggestions scattered throughout the magazine. Personally I’m plumping for homewares and a holiday. In the meantime, Happy New Year! See you in 2016.


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