April 2016 issue editor's letter

Academy Award winner Brie Larson stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's April issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 24 Mar 2016

April 2016 issue
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

A lot of the time when putting the magazine together we deal in fantasy. (I'm not just talking about the fantasy of me giving the team a deadline and them meeting it, although that really is one I hope will one day come true.) The most beautiful fantasies happen every time a fresh season ends and we sift through the shows to decipher the stories designers tell us via the medium of the runway. The ready-to-wear collections are dreamy enough, but haute couture is a whole other story. A fairy tale, in fact; one told by the most accomplished storytellers in all the (fashion) lands. They are artisans, technicians, les petites mains, and they tell their tales with scissors and pins, needles and thread. Haute couture is where characters really come to life, where the plot twists more than Chubby Checker, and where no critic, however hard-hearted, can resist falling under the story's spell. The eight storytellers/designers we profile in our haute couture report this issue are just part of the story. To see more I urge you to visit our couture runway galleries. Swoon. City.

We like to keep things real around here too however, at least some of the time. In our new Agenda section, writer Dani Shapiro delivers some real talk (Don't Like Me? I Don't Care) that might hit home. Shapiro writes about learning to ignore pointless criticism and abandoning her quest for approval. Fist bump to you if you've learnt that lesson too, but I know I'm still working on it.

Also on the ELLE agenda this month is an essay by Susannah Cahalan, who was struck down by a frightening and rare brain illness in the prime of her life. Her journey back to health began when she wore a pink slip dress to a wedding. I know some people like to poke fun at fashion, accusing it and those who are interested in it of being superficial (at least if they are women, have you noticed?), but maybe this piece will help convince the naysayers of the power of a great dress.

I'm sure you don't need any convincing of the power of fashion, but just in case – and because it doesn't hurt to be reminded – we've rounded up some truly beautiful dresses in our fashion spreads Chase the Sun and Impossible Princess. Maybe one of them will be the one that changes your life.


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