Dress like Taylor Swift in clothing by Taylor Swift

But only if you live in China

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 19 Jan 2016

Dress like Taylor
Photo: Bella/Broadimage/TPG Images

Taylor Swift has officially launched her clothing line with Chinese retailer Heritage66Company in Hong Kong yesterday. As we predicted, the collection consists of overalls, crop tops, skirts, high-waisted pants and skater dresses with song lyrics printed on them.

WWD reports that the collection has already seen "phenomenal" success in its first few weeks of availability. "We realise that the demand was just incredible for the store business and we decided to do this show," said Kate Liegey, chief operating officer of Heritage66. "Everybody wants the product line."

She's right about that. Everybody, us included, wants the product line but we're not getting it here; it's only available in China. That's because Heritage66 and Tay are trying to "counterbalance the proliferation of fake Taylor Swift products" in the country.

The good news is, the retailer is hoping to expand the collection's availability beyond it's shores but as of now, nothing is certain yet. If we do get it here, we'll never go out of style. Get it? Okay, sorry.

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