Dior restores Chateau La Colle Noire near Grasse

The House of Dior returns to the world's capital of perfume, which inspired the iconic Miss Dior fragrance

By Andrea Tim | Published: 22 Apr 2016

Video: Dior

Christian Dior's Château De La Colle Noire has been restored by Dior. The nine-bedroom castle, located near the hilly town of Grasse in South of France, was bought by the celebrated designer several years before his death in 1957.

Dior was in his mere twenties when he discovered Grasse, which is often considered the birthplace of the perfume industry. The flowers in the region inspired some of his most iconic perfumes – Miss Dior, Eau Fraîche, Diorama, Diorissimo and Eau Sauvage. After purchasing the estate he worked to restore it, 18th-century style.

"I want it to feel like a family home, one that has been passed down from generation to generation," the designer is quoted in Marie-France Pochna's 1993 book, Christian Dior: The Man Who Made the World Look New. "I don't want anything new. It has to have a well-worn feel to it. It has to be old, rich in memories, bearing the mark of my ancestors and the weight of centuries."

Photo: Dior

The House of Dior has completed renovations in honour of its founder's vision for the castle, while also establishing Dior perfumer François Demachy's laboratory at the Fontaines Parfumées in central Grasse. In the video, you'll see how the restored estate still has a beautiful flower garden. To cement Dior's presence in Grasse, exclusive partnerships will be made with nearby provinces that cultivate perfume flowers.

Photo: Dior

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