December 2016 issue editor's letter

Lily-Rose Depp stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's December issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 24 Nov 2016

Dec 2016 ed's letter
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Has 2016 really been as bad as everyone seems to think? My Facebook feed ("You can stop now, 2016!", "Worst.Year.Ever.") certainly suggests so. We've lost so many of the greats, and the aftershocks of Hillary Clinton losing the US election to Donald Trump continue to ripple around the world. The symbolism of her election to the most powerful office on earth would have meant something for women everywhere – it's no wonder the surprise outcome has left so many of us shellshocked.

But the macro, earth-shaking stuff doesn't have to determine whether we ourselves have a good or bad year. In times like this, I like to focus on the personal. Maybe you married, or had a baby, or travelled somewhere amazing. Perhaps you conquered a fear, made yourself heard at work, or learnt how to say no. Maybe you bought a home, a car or a fantastic Gucci bag. Or maybe it was all about the small joys. You had some great chats with your best friend. You crafted the perfect gym playlist. You found your dream bedsheets. I hope you let yourself revel in all of it, and that it all adds up to A Pretty Good Year.

This month at ELLE, we're all about revelling. In #girlcrush (page 66), four young women on the rise model their takes on fresh eveningwear. We curate the season's most beautiful clutches and brooches (page 52) and Sheena Liam puts on the glitz for us in Los Angeles (page 120). And one of my favourite writers, Hannah Betts, tells us how she gave up drinking to help with her insomnia but discovered an unexpected side effect: perfect skin (page 96). It's hard to imagine sacrificing the tart, fizzy joy of a gin and tonic at the end of a long day, but she's got me thinking.

The acting will have to wait though, because this month is party packed. On December 13, we'll be hosting the ELLE Style Awards, where we'll recognise Malaysia's most talented designers and style influencers. Make sure you follow along on Facebook Live and Instagram on the night for all the red carpet and podium action (if you're reading this after the 13th, catch up online at As for New Year's Eve, brave the crowds for skyhigh fireworks viewing or stay in and make spiced cocktails and cheesy canapés (page 146). However you choose to count down the final days of 2016, I hope you focus on the good stuff and start the new year with a smile. Happy New Year!

Download the digital edition of the December issue of ELLE Malaysia here.


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