Coco Rocha's 1,000 poses, immortalised in a book

Steven Sebring photographed the model's thousand poses for her book, Study of Pose

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Nov 2014

Coco's 1,000 poses
Photo: cocorocha/Instagram

Dear aspiring models, Study of Pose is the book you'll want to pick up if you're learning how to get creative in front of the camera. Take it from model Coco Rocha, the queen of pose, who once trained as an Irish step-dancer.

Photographer Steven Sebring presented the challenge of making a compilation of hundreds of poses to Coco, who wrote "That sounded like a challenge to me, and as I said, I love a challenge," in the book's introduction.

The result of a three-day shoot was a book of a thousand poses she modelled. We're actually not that surprised, considering Coco's knack for speed-posing. If you haven't sampled her talent before, see this and this to get an idea.

The 5'10" Canadian lass – who is expecting her first child with husband, James Conran – told The Cut that despite her "repertoire of poses," things started to get tough between the 500th and 800th pose.

"By 800, I was done, and I told them, 'Let's just do a book of 800 poses because I have nothing more,'" she said. Fortunately, with some help from Steven and James, and inspiration drawn from classical dance, art history, Michael Jackson and James Brown, pose number 1,000 came through.

In addition to the book, there'll soon be an app, which will feature every angle of each pose (Steven shot Coco in a geo-dome, in which many cameras shoot simultaneously from every perspective).

"I don't know if anyone will look at every picture," Steven said. "Maybe a kid… Because for me, the book is pretty overwhelming. I'm curious to see what people do and how they interact with the app." We're no experts, but Study of Pose would make a great modelling class read.

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