Cara Delevingne goes nuts for Topshop

Stepping into Kate Moss' shoes is a balloon-popping, lightsaber-wielding Cara Delevingne

By Andrea Tim | Published: 30 Jul 2014

Video: Topshop

While watching Cara Delevingne play with Cecil (officially the calmest bunny in the whole world), a grasshopper, and a disco ball, we almost forgot that this is her Topshop introductory video. As it is only natural that the British fashion company allow the model to be completely herself, the campaign photos were stunning; the video, absolutely wacky.

Without the need for David Lynch to make it so, Cara's Topshop clip eats, sleeps, and breathes quirky. It may be a little unpractical to stick stars on our face while at the office, but Cara for Topshop has us sold. Come on, the girl even flies at one point.

There isn't a Topshop x Cara collection in the works yet, but one can hope, right?


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