Calvin Klein's "My Calvins" Campaign

Now everyone has a reason to flash their underwear on Instagram

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Feb 2014

My Calvins Campaign
Photo: chiaraferragni/Instagram

Miranda Kerr, and fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Leandra Medine are showing theirs; so what's stopping anyone else from running around (or lying down), taking selfies in nothing but their Calvin Klein underwear? As Chiara says in her insta, "Less is more."

In a new social media campaign to promote the classic Calvin Klein logo waistband, the American fashion house has tapped a few influential celebrities, sent them products, and asked them to Instagram a photo of themselves wearing said product, with the waistband made visible.

The hope is that the campaign will influence the public to do the same. So it's okay to flash your undies on social media. Just do it wearing Calvin Klein, and hashtag #mycalvins.


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