Bondi Hipsters Parody Miranda Kerr's Sexy GQ Shoot

Parody duo Bondi Hipsters recreate the GQ spread everyone's talking about

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 7 Apr 2014

Miranda Kerr Parody
Photo: Bondi Hipsters

You may have seen the photos or heard the quotes from Miranda Kerr’s nearly-nude shoot for GQ’s May 2014 issue. Standout quotes include: “The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get,” and “I definitely need a man in the bedroom... a nice strong chest to lie on”.

Parody duo Bondi Hipsters decided to take things a step further and not only match the GQ photo shoot shot for shot, but also include their versions of Miranda’s quotes.

“We saw Miranda's shoot earlier this week... Thought we might turn the industry on it's [sic] head,” said Dom Nader and Adrian Archer. “It's a little different when it's a mahn [sic], isn't it?... Sorry bout [sic] it.”

The result: a hilarious but thought provoking look at the different ways we sexualise and objectify men and women. Also, the knowledge that very few people want to see a naked tattooed bearded man talk about masturbating on a bus.

Unfortunately we can’t show you all the (NSFW) photos, but you can see the full album here.


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