August 2016 issue editor's letter

Model Bella Hadid stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's August 2016 issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 20 Jul 2016

Aug 2016 issue
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Like every single woman I know, my relationship with my body is a work in progress. A pretty wild one. That I'd even write a sentence like that – as if my self and my body are two separate beings – shows just how fraught it can be. If you've ever felt like your body doesn't correspond with the person you are in your head or your heart (let alone with the kind of clothes you want to wear), this issue is for you.

Inspired by the Olympians we'll all be avidly following in Rio this month, we're focusing on the body, but also the mind and soul too – because when those three are in balance, it's incredibly liberating. Feeling at one with yourself frees up your time, your energy and, not least, your conversation.

So we've come up with some fixes for problem areas (Grace Anatomy, page 64), and asked some of our favourite #fitspo women what they really, truly, honestly eat (Eat for Life, page 70). But feeling whole is not always about changing the body – it's usually just cheaper and easier to do that than fix our mental or emotional issues, right? So we're also asking if taking 'ugly' selfies (page 58) can improve our self-esteem (instead of shattering it into a million pieces). And we get model and body activist Ashley Graham to rain her message of absolute confidence and general awesomeness down upon us (page 56).

Our cover star this month is, I'll admit, my favourite model of the moment, Bella Hadid. Her dark hair/pale eyes perfection reminds me of my '90s favourite, Helena Christensen, and like Helena there's more to Bella than meets the eye, as you'll discover on page 48.

Finally, I'm excited to tell you that this month we introduce a whole new way to interact with ELLE: via the iQNECT app. We've always been hugely active online, but this month we're merging our online and offline worlds to give you even more from your magazine. Turn to page 15 to find out the details, then download the app and scan any page to unlock a world of online content, whether at or elsewhere. Every single page has something to offer. Try it and tell me what you think? Until next month…


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