Artists Unravel $1300 Designer Sweaters

Dutch duo Lernert and Sander turn designer sweaters into designer balls of yarn

By Andrea Tim | Published: 23 Mar 2014

Video: Lernert & Sander/Vimeo

You'd probably be exclaiming something along the lines of "Oh, the monstrosity!" at the thought of someone unravelling a designer sweater; or taking apart anything from a designer label, for that matter.

However, Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug have done exactly that in the name of art with last season's plain knit sweaters by Prada, Céline, Jil Sander, and Chloé.

The video, entitled Last Season was commissioned by clothing store Kiki Niesten in Maastricht. The results – perfectly wound balls of wool with the label stuck on – were put on display in the store's window for the annual TEFAF Art Fair.

In case you're feeling a little doubtful about whether watching Last Season is a good idea for your designer-loving self, we'll have you know that watching rows and rows of wool unravel was (surprisingly) satisfyingly therapeutic. And let's face it; this video wouldn't have been as noteworthy if they had unravelled a pasar malam sweater.

A moment of silence for the sweaters that once were... Now, don't mind us while we give the video another two or three replays.


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