This is what happens when Armani designs Italy's Olympic uniform

It's basically a real fashion campaign

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Jul 2016

Armani Olympics 16
Photo: Armani

Emporio Armani returns as Team Italia's official outfitter for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and the athletes are going to look so. Damn. Good. Not that best uniform is an Olympic competition or anything (but congratulations, Italy). Serge Guerand shot the accompanying campaign and it is as impressive as any real fashion campaign.

Photo: Serge Guerand/Armani

Admit it, even you were fooled.

The Italian Olympians will be equipped with tracksuits, waterproof hooded jackets, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, cargo pants and shorts, and running shoes, all designed by Armani. Special suits were also designed for the athletes to wear at the opening ceremony.

The official campaign may not have featured Italy's actual atheletes – models Pietro Boselli and Penny Lane star in the ads – but there is a video of the Italian national men's water polo team training in their EA7 uniforms, so consider us satisfied.

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