Apple Watch gets an Hermès makeover

The iPhone 6s isn't the only talk of the town right now

By Andrea Tim | Published: 10 Sep 2015

Apple Watch Hermès
Photo: Apple

With the launch of the highly-anticipated iPhone 6s (hello, new rose gold colour!) and iPad Pro, Apple increased the excitement for diehard users by introducing the new Apple Watch Hermès. Does anyone else feel the luxury skyrocketing?

The collection has three strap styles – Double Tour, Single Tour and Cuff – and come in multiple colourways. The Double Tour version wraps around your wrist twice, like Hermès's signature bracelets. We don't have to explain the Single Tour strap. The Cuff is the thickest and is inspired by equestrian gear. Only the Double Tour has four colour options, Fauve (brown), Etain (grey), Capucine (red) and Bleu Jean (blue). The Single Tour has three (Fauve, Capucine and Noir) while the Cuff only comes in Fauve.

(Photo: Apple)

The Apple Watch Hermès launches in October, but Malaysia can expect to receive the collection a little bit later, as usual.

This is easily Apple's most prominent effort to close the gap between gadget and fashion accessory so far, and despite the pricetag (in the US, it starts at $1,100 or approximately RM4,780 for the Single Tour), we foresee fashion's elite and wealthy techies making Apple Watch Hermès a daily wardrobe staple. And they'll do that with their shiny new iPhone 6s or iPad Pro in hand, thanks. Oh, let's not leave out the very first Apple Pencil, designed for the iPad Pro. No self-professed Apple aristocrat can do without that.

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