Anna Dello Russo wears Native American feathered headdress, calls it an 'Ibiza hat'

Anna Dello Russo participates in some casual cultural appropriation while partying in Ibiza

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 7 Aug 2014

ADR's Ibiza hat
Photo: anna_dello_russo/Instagram

The stars have been converging on Ibiza these last few weeks – the fabled party island where Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez made out, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton reunited, and Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner (reportedly) held hands. The fash pack are there too – Riccardo Tisci held a (by all accounts) rocking birthday party for his 40th, and Anna Dello Russo has been studiously Instagramming from the island.

We do love ADR and all her weird, wonderful fashion-loving ways. But recent photos on her account show her posing and prancing round Ibiza in a large, imposing Native American feathered headdress – paired with a Balenciaga dress and Celine shoes, natch. The caption for the first of her #ootd photos is: "#getreadyfor #dc10 @balenciaga dress @celine shoes #ibiza hat".

Come on, Anna. That's not an '#Ibiza hat'. That's a headdress laden with cultural and religious significance for the Native American peoples. War bonnets are awarded to Native American men who have earned the honour, usually through battle. It's not just a cool novelty hat to throw on as a photo prop. And though we all appreciate the beauty of headdresses like these, some things are best left to those who understand their significance. End of cultural appropriation rant.


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