Alexander Wang explains his futuristic H&M collection

The designer continues his sporty-chic streak with Theory of Gym collection for H&M

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Oct 2014

Wang's Theory of Gym
Photo: Randy Brooke/Getty Images

Sportswear meets fashion; this isn't the first time we've seen the marriage of the two, but then again, Alexander Wang's collection for H&M isn't only thematic. It's proper sportswear.

"When we originally presented the idea to H&M, I said that the thing we should be tackling was sports at night," the designer said of his collection, Theory of Gym, which debuted at a launch party in Harlem, New York last week. "I love this idea of when you're out dancing and running around at night, you sweat. You don't just sweat when you're at the gym or playing sports. You need to move, be active."

That's all well and good in terms of putting the "active" in "activewear", but do his pieces reflect the practicality that an active lifestyle requires?

"With this collection I thought we should do sportswear accessories but they are all made at proper factories, they are made to function," Alexander said. "When you label something as waterproof, it really needs to be waterproof. You can't just say that it is. There are some garments that are more fashion garments, inspired by a gym, but most of them have performance-wear capabilities."

Not only is the collection sporty, it is futuristic (quite like his Spring/Summer 2015 collection) and versatile. Alexander isn't expecting people to confine this collection to the gym; it's clubbing-friendly too. "I don't do any sports," he admitted. "I only wear sportswear clothing."

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