Alexander Wang's jewellery collection was inspired by bike chains

Are the designer's chain-link necklaces becoming the next It accessories?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 10 Dec 2015

Wang's jewellery

Alexander Wang may have ended a career at Balenciaga, but his eponymous label is only taking bigger steps in fashion. At his SS16 New York Fashion Week show, most of his models wore chain link earrings, and some also wore chain necklaces with padlock detail. A trend from the nineties, brought to the fashion runway in the 21st century – if anyone can do it, Alexander can.

The designer spoke to about what inspired his Spring 2016 collection, which he says started from him reflecting on the meaning of modernity. This is true with the chain-link jewellery that complemented his collection.

"It's inspired by an industrial bike chain, which you see a lot in New York City," he explained. "Our version is brass, plated with either palladium or gold, which makes it both tough and delicate. It is the opposite of precious. The launch collection includes three core items: a double-lock necklace, a lock-hinge cuff bracelet, and three-link earrings."

Alexander Wang's SS16 jewellery (Photo:

"I asked myself what 'modern' really means," he said. "It's such an overused term, and I just wanted to remind myself what it actually stands for: Modern is something that is in front of you right now."

Alexander's social media presence taps into a younger audience, who might not be able to spend on his brand yet, but continue to shape how he approaches designs.

"Luxury and status today are more personal, more subtle," he said. "My aim is to be inclusive instead of exclusive. At some moments you want to treat yourself to something really extravagant; then you [want to] go to a dive bar. It's those oppositions that ultimately make for the most interesting lifestyle and individual style."

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