Alexa Chung's new fashion app, Villoid

5 things you need to know about the app pre-download

By Shantila Lee | Published: 9 Oct 2015

Alexa's new app
Photo: chungalexa/Instagram

Think Alexa Chung and think model, fashionista, fashion icon, but tech entrepreneur? Yes and not really. Her new fashion app called Villoid was just launched on app stores a couple weeks ago, offering a platform for the fashion-obsessed to upload product photos and interact with their friends, building unique style boards, styling together items (expedient shopping link comes with).

Upon launch Alexa posted up the above pic on her Insta account, commenting: "I am pleased and proud to announce that the secret app I have been working on for months is now available in the App Store today!!! Link in bio. It's called VILLOID (more on that later) and I would love you to play with it and let me know what you think. With love, Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung." Ha-ha to the Facebook founder reference.

After we messed with the app and did proper research, this is what we found.

1. It's not entirely Alexa's.
The app was originally named SoBazaar, then for the international launch they updated the app to merge with Alexa's ideas and for Alexa to be the face of the app.

2. It was inspired by Clueless!
"I suppose that scene in Clueless where the computer puts an outfit together from Cher's wardrobe really stayed with me," said Chung in a press statement. "Clothes are fun, making mistakes is fun, being inspired is fun. Villoid celebrates the process of getting dressed and showing your mates."

3. It's a social media platform like Pinterest, but… more shopping.
The way it works is you upload photos of products and fashion icons you love, it gets pieced together into your moodboard, your friends can see it too and there's a click to buy button to buy it right there and then.

4. You can see what looks stylists are into.
You can follow fashion bloggers and icons like Alexa to see what they're putting up, like spying on their shopping lists. You are also notified when an item is declared a must-have by your community.

5. It's fashion fabulous.
And fun. And easy. Did we mention it's free? The app's functionality really trumps most other fashion style-yourself apps out there, and if you're really crushing on something, there's no need to go nuts searching for where to buy it.

Download it on the iTunes App Store now. NOW.

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