9 things we learned about Miuccia Prada today

In case you forgot, the designer used to be in the Italian Communist Party

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Nov 2015

About Miuccia
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Miuccia Prada would strike you as someone who entered the fashion world naturally, but in an interview with Document Journal, she revealed otherwise. Even with successful labels Prada and Miu Miu under her belt, she admitted that she hated being a fashion designer until just a few years ago, and her cultural institution Fondazione Prada helped her love it a little more.

"I love when I work, but the idea of it, I don't like. But now, recently… with the Fondazione, the fact that somebody coming from the fashion world could add something to the art world is ambitious. Very ambitious," she said.

Here are few things you might not have known about Miuccia that may change what you think of her.

1. She used to be in the Italian Communist Party.
"But [communism] was very common back then. Every young kid who was vaguely clever was leftist, so it's not that I was so special. For sure, I decided to be part of a group."

2. She was into clothes more than fashion in itself.
"I think I was interested in fashion because of my mother and because of my family. Fashion was not the word. I always say it was the worst place for a feminist in the 60s."

3. She was that girl who didn't want to blend in.
"I always wanted to be the first to have everything, to look different from the others."

4. She still is the woman who doesn't want to blend in.
"When I started my work, when I started working, I did this show that was a scandal. Everybody hated what I was doing except a few clever people! Because it was not for the classic ones – there was something disturbing. And for the super trendy avant-gardists, it was too classic. I always like to move in that space, never please anybody."

5. She doesn't think of her designs as art.
"I make a difference, that fashion is not art. It's creative, it's very creative. The only thing it has in common is the creativity."

6. Her idea of "sexy" is not the conventional one.
"For me, a beautiful woman with a bias dress with diamanté is the least sexy woman alive."

7. She hates beauty clichés.
"It is wrong, it's not dignified for women, so you have to be a doll to be beautiful, always the same... The other reason I am against it is because it is banal."

8. She finds translating a design concept into reality boring.
"When I get to the concept, very often I will say, "Oh, let's go home!" Because for me, the work is done... But after, to translate the concept into reality is much more boring. But where you really learn more. Translating an idea to reality. That's probably the most difficult part."

9. Collaborations aren't really her thing.
"I think I am the most conservative, old-fashioned one left! Because the others have collaborated with anybody and with everybody!... I collaborate with art, but in a different field. My official answer is: I want to be good by myself. Which is part of the whole thing."

Read her full interview here.

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