Our recap of the Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 premiere episode

The season kicked off with shirtless guys, lingerie-clad models and the very first emotional elimination

By Lydia Chan | Published: 7 Apr 2017

Video: Asia's Next Top Model (Photo: Pottle Productions)

[Updated 7 April 2017] Relive the drama in all its glory in the full episode above!


Buckle down, ladies and gents, it's about to be a bumpy ride! Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 premiered last night on Star World and it was a rollercoaster of emotions right from the start. In case you couldn't tune in, lucky for you, here's a recap of all the key moments you missed – pictures included.


The eclectic group of contestants
This season has our two Malaysian representatives, Alicia Amin and Shikin Gomez, the first set of identical twins to compete on the show (and with each other), Valerie and Veronika from Indonesia and the very outspoken Vietnamese, Minh Tu amongst the 14 finalists.

AsNTM season 5 contestants (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The shirtless male models
The show definitely kicked off with a bang as the first challenge of the season had the girls walking a guerrilla lingerie catwalk right on Singapore's Jubillee Bridge, accompanied by their male counterparts. If only we were one of the lucky people who just happened to be strolling by during filming...

Hellooo, boys! (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The fainting
Nerves were at an-all time high during the first challenge, so much so that the Vietnamese contestant, Minh Tu collapsed from overexertion. Thankfully, she managed to bounce back and conquered the catwalk – good on you, girl.

Minh Tu during challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The good start
Our home girl, Shikin took the top spot in this week's challenge – Malaysia boleh!

Shikin: challenge winner (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The crying
During the 'Runaway Model' photo shoot that had contestants posing while in-motion, Singapore's Layla broke down and almost gave up on the modelling task at hand. However, after a pep talk by both Minh Tu and mentor Cara, she went back and finished off her shoot.

Mentor Cara talking to Layla (Photo: Pottle Productions)

This first episode was a teary one for Layla as at elimination, she welled up once more as she apologised to the judges for her behaviour during the photo shoot.

Layla apologising to panel (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Our own Shikin shed a few tears of her own upon hearing her name being called (which she hopes you won't hate her for – and of course, we don't!)

Shikin crying during panel (Photo: Pottle Productions)

As if things didn't seem emotional enough, the real waterworks took place when the bottom two, Singaporean's Nametha and Philippines' Anjelica had their fate on the line. Sadly, Anjelica was sent home.

Anjelica's the first contestant to be eliminated (Photo: Pottle Productions)

It was a definite shocker to the rest of the girls, particularly Malaysian contestant Alicia. This morning, she spoke to us exclusively about Anjelica's departure.

Alicia and the rest handling elimination (Photo: Pottle Productions)

"Although the development of our friendship wasn't aired, I was really sad because she was already my best friend in the house!" Alicia told us. "It was really unexpected but after the elimination, I came back to the model house to find she left me a choker which I wore a couple of times in episodes after."

The verdict
Clara from Indonesia won best picture of the week with the stunning image below while Anjelica from the Philippines was the first girl sent home.

Best picture goes to Clara (Photo: Pottle Productions)

As a parting gift, we'll leave you with this week's photo shoot images of our gorgeous Malaysian contestants. Til next week!

Alicia in Week 1's photo shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)
Shikin in Week 1's photo shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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