Puma Basket Heart sneakers

The laces make all the difference in the Basket sneakers' pretty update

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Dec 2016

Puma Basket Heart
Photo: Puma

Puma Basket Heart sneakers, RM349
How dare Puma tempt me with another pair of sneakers I can't get out of my mind. How dare I even start asking myself "Black or white?" after my holiday expenses! My need is so real now, that I'm begging for someone to ask me: have you looked at your holiday expenditure? But really, I mean ask rhetorically because it's not like I'll ever pass up chunky laces (sporty mode) and satin ribbons (brunch mode). Even Cara Delevingne, whose tomboyish style I often relate to, is crushing hard on the white pair.

It's the year for stylish updates on nostalgic pieces, and Puma has slam-dunked my heart into its basket.

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