Peanuts x LeSportsac are back

Snoopy and friends reunite on this backpack

By Mei Jing Goh | Published: 11 Sep 2016

Peanuts x LeSportsac
Photo: LeSportsac

Peanuts x LeSportsac: Snoopy & Friends Voyager Backpack, RM1,030
LeSportsac is perhaps most famous for its signature use of sturdy nylon and colourful prints on its bags. It is almost impossible for you to have never come across a LeSportsac bag in your life, but if you really haven't, then a good introduction is due and there's no better bag to do it than the one I'm obsessing over.

This backpack is the perfect representation of the Peanuts x LeSportsac collaboration. It's bright and colourful, in line with LeSportsac's aesthetic and nearly everyone from Peanuts is on it. You know what they say, the more the merrier! I also realised that I've let nostalgia get the better of me; I usually pick satchels over backpacks, but I'm making an exception this once because, come on, who can say no to Snoopy?

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