Nigel Chia Blossom transparent clutch

A clutch for all occasions

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 20 Sep 2016

Nigel Chia clutch
Photo: Nigel Chia

Nigel Chia Blossom transparent clutch, approx. RM720
Working at ELLE has taught me many things. For one, quadruple checking your facts is super important. For another, it's completely okay to embrace my personal style – no matter how feminine and pink-inclined it may be. So it comes as no surprise that I'm smitten by this transparent, 3D-flower embellished clutch by Nigel Chia. I first swooned over it at this year's KLFW (along with the rest of Nigel's ultra feminine, ruffle-trimmed pieces) and now that it is available for purchase, you could say my day has officially been made. The size is perfect to fit all my essentials and the transparent quality gives it the cool factor it needs. It's a statement piece when worn with a simple denim and shirt combo, or if you're feeling fancy, it will complement a little cocktail dress just as nicely. Since there's only one piece left on the website, I'll race you to it!

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