LEFT Diana wears mesh top and track pants, both Bershka; sports bra, Forever 21; boots, Michael Michael Kors; earrings, stylistís own. CENTRE Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller. RIGHT Darleesa (left) wears dress and cardigan, both Ralph Lauren Kids; headband, socks and shoes, all stylistís own. Darleena (right) wears dress and cardigan, both Ralph Lauren Kids; headband, socks and shoes, all stylistís own.

Diana Nasir talks style and motherhood

The stylish entrepreneur and influencer tells us how she balances life as a young working mum

Diana Nasir's schedule is packed to the point of bursting. When sheís not busy building her two brands (designing for her fashion line, Hermanas 5 by Diana Nasir, and expanding her cosmetics line, Hermanas by Diana Nasir Cosmetics) or working on an upcoming third venture (hint: it has to do with babies), she dedicates her time to her family and 11-month-old twin daughters Anggun Darleesa and Anggun Darleena (both social media influencers in their own right, with some 105,000 followers on their joint account @the_angguns). Here, Diana shares her thoughts on maintaining her sense of style after becoming a mother, and how the limited-edition Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller fits seamlessly into her life as a busy career mum.

On her style

"I typically like wearing clothes that look classy yet feel comfortable. But now that I'm a mum, this has changed a bit. These days, I try to match with my twins so Iíll try to wear something similar to whatever Darleena and Darleesa are wearing. But most importantly, whatever I wear has to be practical since I'm a mum."

On personal style icons

"I love Kim Kardashian West and Victoria Beckham. They are never afraid to be dramatic and to make a fashion statement. I admire their confidence and impeccable sense of style. No matter what they wear, where they are or what they are doing, they always look amazing. I aspire to achieve their personal and professional success one day."

On being a young working mum

"It's definitely been tough at the start since I'm juggling two brands right now while working on a third one as well as being a fulltime mother. But I like to think that I'm a multitasking mum. I can balance being a mother, a wife and working at the same time. Having twins can be even more complicated but I have always wanted twins. Now that I've been given what I want, I appreciate my kids and try not to complain about anything. I take it as a challenge that God has given me."

Diana wears dress, Topshop; trench coat, Polo Ralph Lauren; sunglasses, Burberry; pumps, earrings and ring, all stylistís own. Darleesa (left) wears trench coat, Ralph Lauren Kids. Darleena (right) wears trench coat, Ralph Lauren Kids; headband, stylistís own. Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller.

On the joys of motherhood

"The best part is having my twins in my life. I get to come home to them. Sleeping and waking up next to them is the best thing ever. I have them to talk to even though they can't actually talk yet, and it's so much fun to play around with them. My life is never lonely or boring with them around."

On the best parenting advice she's been given

"The best time for you to settle everything is when your kids are asleep. Get your work done, get your chores done and make yourself look presentable. Always look presentable. Even though you're already married and with kids, it's so important to always make the extra effort to look good. Even if your husband tells you that you don't have to dress up and that you look pretty without makeup, don't trust him."

On her favourite Bugaboo stroller

"I've been using Bugaboo for a while now and I love that there's all these accessories that you can customise to your own liking. To be frank, the Donkey model that I was using previously is a little heavy to carry around since I'm rather petite but I love using it because of its spacious storage space. There's an expandable side luggage basket and storage basket under the seat for me to keep all my essentials so it's really convenient. I also don't really see a lot of twin strollers around in KL so my twins and I never fail to get compliments and attention whenever I take them out in our Bugaboo stroller. The Bee5 model on the other hand is great because it's so lightweight and compact. It's perfect for when I'm travelling with my twins because it's so easy to transport around and even easier to manoeuvre. I also really like how there's all these changeable wheel caps and leather-look grips in a whole range of colors for me to play around with. Plus, it looks even better now with the We Are Handsome collaboration. The cover design is so unique and edgy."

Diana wears top, Topshop; earrings, stylistís own. Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller.

On finding inspiration

"I have four sisters and a mum who all love to dress up so I am constantly inspired by them. I also love what Ralph and Russo are constantly doing with their unique and classy designs."

On what she does to unwind

"I like to travel with my family. Or shop. Shopping helps me relax."

LEFT Diana wears blazer and jeans, both Topshop; pumps, Zara; tank top, belt, earrings and watch, all stylistís own. Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller. RIGHT Diana wears leather jacket and dress, both Zara; earrings, stylistís own. Darleena wears sweater and corduroy jumpsuit, both Zara Kids; socks and shoes, both stylistís own.

The Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Special Edition stroller retails at all Bebehaus, First Few Years and Mothercare stores in Malaysia.