Would you stay in a floating house over the Great Barrier Reef?

The downside: no clownfish jokes allowed (only a small price to pay, TBH)

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 10 Jun 2016

Stay at the GBR
Photo: Airbnb

Why spend a night at the beach when you can spend a night floating over the Great Barrier Reef? Yes, the actual Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland. For free. And you can bring three friends with you. All you have to do is win Airbnb's Night At contest.

Every month, Airbnb gives away a sleepover at some of the most unusual places in the world, where a temporary home is installed. This month's prize is a one-night stay (13 to 14 July) in a floating apartment on the Great Barrier Reef, hosted by a Pascal Datler and his family.

The winners will experience a firsthand look at the "rich, unrivalled beauty of the Reef" and be treated to a late lunch cooked by one of  Australia's most influential chefs Neil Perry on the beach nearby. Pascal will also be around to bring his guests on diving tours of the reef with a marine biologist.

To enter the contest, click the 'Enter to Win' button on the Airbnb listing and explain why you and your three friends belong on the Great Barrier Reef. But first, keep in mind these house rules.

1. No clownfish jokes (but how will we make friends?)
2. Protect the anemones
3. Speak like a whale
4. Try to find a giant clam
5. Spot all 13 resident sea turtles
6. If you fall out of bed, don't forget your mask
7. Don't bark at the seals

Bonus: it's a pet-friendly home, so your pets can tag along! Just be careful no one sleep walks.

Photos: Airbnb

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