5 easy ways to take care of yourself when you're busy

TV host Cheryl Samad, actress Sarah Lian and life coach Sharmini Hensen share the little things they do to unwind

By Lydia Chan | Published: 18 Apr 2017

Self-care tips
Cheryl Samad, Sarah Lian and Sharmini Hensen (Photo: Nestlé)

We say #treatyoself more than we actually do it. Sometimes, we all need to allow ourselves some time away from the stress-inducing parts of our lives. TV presenter Cheryl Samad, actress Sarah Lian and life coach Sharmini Hensen got together to talk about self-care at the launch of the new Nestlé La Cremeria Classically Mint ice cream. Here are five of the best things we learned from them.

Prioritise what is important to you
"[As women], we feel so pressured to do things for our jobs, our family, our friends and our loved ones that we keep going because we don't want to let anybody down. But you also don't want to let yourself down," Sarah said.

The solution to that: decide what's important to you and make time for that. For Sarah, that's fitness, food and prioritising well.

Schedule time for me time
Having to play several roles (including mother, wife, caretaker and employee) simultaneously means that life coach Sharmini Hensen understands that it can be difficult to find time for oneself. She suggests allocating a specific time for self-care in your daily schedule, and sticking to it.

"To me, taking care of myself is a discipline and a value," she said. "I look after myself, so I can look after others."

Don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself
Whether it's taking a trip to the salon or doing 30 minutes of yoga, Sharmini said we should never feel guilty for indulging in little pleasures. Instead, she said to "change the guilt into loving yourself."

"I need to look and feel good and I shouldn't feel guilty," Cheryl quipped. We agree!

Learn to say no
Sharmini noted that one of the biggest mistakes women make is overworking themselves. Instead of juggling too many responsibilities that leave us feeling worn out, learn to say no out loud.

"Sometimes we say no in our heads but not out loud. It's important to verbalise it and say no to things that take away your energy and yes to things that make you calm," she said.

Find a few minutes to indulge
Between work, family and social life, sometimes all we need is a few minutes to recharge and indulge in things you love (like ice cream; we always knew that eating ice cream was a form of self care). La Cremeria's Classically Mint's tagline is "The world can wait," but Sharmini had her own cheeky spin to it: you are worth the wait.

The Nestlé La Cremeria Classically Mint ice cream is now available nationwide. 

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