A recap of Asia's Next Top Model: Episode 11

The contest comes to Malaysia but our girl Shikin Gomez has her worst week yet

By Lydia Chan | Published: 15 Jun 2017

Video: AsNTM

Following last week's season 5 recap episode of Asia's Next Top Model, the competition picked up where it left off, with the contestants now in Kuala Lumpur. Here's what you missed in last night's episode.


New model on the block
Remember new 'contestant' Xiao Qing, who was introduced at the last judging panel? It turns out she's an undercover judge! Xiao Qing's actually a former model turned fashion designer and was brought in to join the other models to covertly "learn their emotions and strengths." We did not see that one coming.

The contestants were clearly thrown off by Xiao Qing's presence. Malaysian representative Shikin Gomez said she "looks very seasoned" while Filipina contestant Maureen Wroblewitz said she "already looks like a top model." You almost got it, girls...

The longest walk
The contestants met judge Cindy Bishop and mentor Cara G McIlroy on the Sunway Lagoon suspension bridge for the 'Longest Catwalk' challenge.

Judge Cindy and mentor Cara at the challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The winner would be the girl who handled the 428-metre bridge/catwalk with the most poise and consistency. Xiao Qing went first, pulling out an incredible walk to make the models "feel threatened and boost their competitive spirits."

Xiao Qing owning the challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Indonesian Clara Tan's walk wasn't too impressive, with Shikin commenting that she "walks like a guy." However, when it was Shikin's turn, she killed the first half only to stumble towards the end when she struggled to put her jacket back on. This caused her to place second, behind Xiao Qing – so close!

Shikin's jacket got in the way! (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Models on ice
After the catwalk challenge, the contestants headed to their photo shoot at the Sunway Pyramid ice skating rink. Creative director Yu Tsai and photographer Bibo Aswan informed them that this week's shoot, themed 'Tropical Winter Wonderland,' would see the girls dressed as ice queens while wearing ice skates.

Clara on set during the photo shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Before the shoot the models were given an ice-skating crash course. While Maureen, Clara and Taiwanese contestant Cindy Chen had fun on the ice, Vietnamese Minh Tu Nguyen broke down because she didn't know how to skate.

During the photo shoot, Clara and Maureen proved to be pros on the ice. However, being on home ground and modelling in front of fellow Malaysians whom she wanted to make proud was too much pressure for Shikin. After Yu Tsai yelled at her to "not waste my time", Shikin teared up during her off-set interview.

Yu Tsai unhappy with Shikin's time on-set (Photo: Pottle Productions)

"This is the first time I've cried after a shoot. It was just too much for me," she said, wiping away tears. "I felt like I disappointed Yu Tsai and Bibo." Can we give her a hug?

Ruffling some feathers
After the shoot, Xiao Qing decided to see if she could provoke the girls. Further prodding prompted the girls to voice their disdain about her entering the competition.

"We were top six and then we were top four and now, we're top six again!" Shikin said. "I feel cheated, like what the eff is going on?" 

The judging panel
Creative consultant Daniel Boey joined Cindy, Cara and Yu Tsai at judging.

The judges this week (Photo: Pottle Productions)

During Shikin's time in front of the judges, Yu Tsai did not hold back on his comments. "You look like a queen's maid or the help, picking up the pineapple to make juice," he said of her pose. Shikin also agreed that she was disappointed in her performance and broke down in front of the judges.

Shikin tearing up at panel (Photo: Pottle Productions)

"With everyone looking down at me [during the photo shoot], I was scared to let them [Malaysians] down," she said, tearfully. Yu Tsai noted that Shikin is just not aware of her strengths and while he wasn't a big fan of her photo, the other judges liked it.

Cindy also had a tough time with the judges, tearing up following Yu Tsai's critiques while Xiao Qing's so-so performance had judge Cindy wondering if they made the "wrong choice" to bring her into the competition.

The verdict
Maureen won best photo yet again, putting her at the top of the competition with the most best photo wins. Xiao Qing and Cindy were in the bottom two but ultimately, Cindy's second-chance luck wore out and she was sent home.

Maureen's best photo win (Photo: Pottle Productions)

What's next?
The contestants are really put to the test with a runway that goes straight down a building! We'll just have to tune in next week to see who has a fear of heights.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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