A recap of Asia's Next Top Model 5: Episode 7

A double elimination!

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 19 May 2017

Video: AsNTM

Another week, another surprise, and another social media challenge. Here's what you missed from yesterday's episode of Asia's Next Top Model.


Post-elimination blues
It's sombre in the Top Model house. Last week's Best Photo winner Taiwanese Cindy felt undeserving of her win while Thailand's Dorothy and Malaysian contestant, Shikin were upset about Singaporean Nametha's departure. But the competition has to go on, and both girls were more determined than ever to do well. "I have to think about myself right now", as Shikin put it.

The Zalora style challenge
We love you, AsNTM, but we're really looking forward to a non-social media challenge. There's more to being a successful model than having 5 million Instagram followers, after all. This week, model mentor Cara McIlroy dropped by the house with fashion influencer Kim Jones for a Zalora style challenge.

Influencer Kim Jones and mentor Cara (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Contestants worked in pairs to style themselves in the latest Zalora gear, took photos of each other (of course) for Instagram, and did a quick catwalk for the judges to see whose personality shone through her style the best.

Unholy pairings
Both Dorothy and Shikin were less than thrilled to be paired with the Indonesian twins, Valerie and Veronika respectively (the twins did have a rift with their friend, Nametha, last week). Cindy found the challenge especially difficult, but partner Vietnam's Tu offered support. Indonesian representative Clara wasn't impressed by Filipino Maureen's fashion choices, Shikin felt Veronika was stealing her model moves (their final shots did look similar) and Dorothy did not stand for any of Valerie's complaints.

Dorothy butting heads with Valerie (Photo: Pottle Productions)

What did she think of Valerie's whining in previous challenges? "No honey, it's just you." No WiFi may be one of the house rules, but there's nothing against savage one-liners. Cindy won the style challenge (to everyone's surprise) and scored herself 12 pairs of shoes from Zalora.

Fashion film shoot
This week's shoot was a fashion film for Zalora. The girls performed in groups of three; they maintained the same pairs from the earlier challenge, plus a male model. The goal was to depict best friends on vacation, wearing Zalora. With emotions running high between the girls as it is, this shoot couldn't have come at a better time. Hey, it makes for great TV.

"Awkward, SO AWKWARD"
Tu excelled after a few takes but Cindy struggled. "[It's] very bland at the moment,” commented photographer Kevin Ou. They resorted to shooting Cindy without Tu in order to get a good shot (AsNTM has a great team in post-production, you guys).

Tu struggling during her photo shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Dorothy and Valerie had a rocky start. "Awkward, so awkward," said Dorothy of their chemistry. She took chances with her movements while Valerie's shots looked more like a tourism ad.

Valerie on-set (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Some felt like a VS Angel, some felt like…Cara Delevingne (???)
Kevin thought Maureen and Clara didn't behave as friends would on the shoot. Clara wasn't fazed, however. She had a grand time modelling her scarf. "I look like a VS Angel!" she said.

Maureen and Clara on their shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Things got a lot better as the shoot went on for Veronika and Shikin. Both contestants were professionals on set and gave their best. Shikin looked radiant, beautiful and genuinely happy in her shots. Veronika was pleased with herself too: "I feel like Cara Delevingne." Okay then.

Shikin and Veronika excelled on set (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Judgement time
Rayne Reed, head of Zalora Private Labels, joined AsNTM host Cindy Bishop, creative director Yu Tsai, and model mentor Cara on the judging panel this week.

Judges this week (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The contestants were judged in twos. Clara received praised from Yu Tsai and Rayne. Maureen's feedback wasn't as positive. 'Lost' and 'awkward' were some words used to describe her performance. Verdict: Clara = 1; Maureen = 0

The lack of connection at Dorothy and Valerie's shoot translated on camera. "There's no joy in this video," commented Cindy. Also there was a clip of Dorothy whispering to Valerie in the video….except her lips weren't moving. Verdict: We're going to go ahead and give an honorary point to the male model.

Both Veronica and Shikin shone in this shoot. All the judges were pleased by how both models looked natural and successfully sold the clothes. Rayne was a big fan of Shikin in the video, saying "I thought you made the clothes look fantastic." Yu Tsai was also thrilled by Shikin's performance. But the best comments came from the girls themselves. Veronika said "We looked like best friends even though we're not." To which Shikin replied, "Yeah….that." Verdict: We'll give a point to our girl Shikin.

All judges agreed that Tu performed really well. Unfortunately, the judges didn't have any love for Cindy's shots. Yu Tsai saw Tu as the "international, sophisticated friend" and Cindy as the "exchange student", and Cara noted that "If she [Cindy] didn't work with you [Tu], she would've been an absolute failure. Time to step up, Cindy. Verdict: Tu = 1; Cindy = 0

Double whammy
Judge Cindy announced a double elimination. Cindy, Valerie and Dorothy placed bottom three. Cindy was spared, and the other two had to pack their bags.

The dreaded double elimination (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Shikin bagged top scores this week and won the opportunity to be Zalora's new face. Well done, Shikin! We can't wait to see you on the Zalora homepage.

Shikin came out on top (Photo: Pottle Productions)

What's next?
Emotions run high as Tu switches bedrooms. Meanwhile, some begin questioning if Maureen truly deserves to be in the top six.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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