A recap of Asia's Next Top Model 5: Episode 6

A contestant faces the consequences of breaking the no-internet rule

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 11 May 2017

Video: ASNTM

Episode 6 of Asia's Next Top Model had a huge plot twist we never would've anticipated. Read on for the highlights of yesterday's episode.

The social media challenge
For this week's first social media challenge, the girls were given different personalities to channel while wearing coloured contact lenses from Acuvue. They were put into pairs and given Polaroid cameras to photograph each other. The winner gets a year's supply of contact lenses.

After the girls struggled with their cameras – "We're models, not photographers," said Singapore's Nametha – while giving each other a whole lot of attitude (we're looking at you, Clara and Veronika), model mentor Cara McIlroy and Acuvue ambassador Fiona Fussi finally named Thailand's Dorothy as the winner.

Dorothy's winning pose for the challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The disagreement
Although Dorothy won, mostly for her use of props and ability to bring out the personality she was meant to channel, the other girls did not think she deserved to win. "You can't even see her eyes," Veronika pointed out. This caused a rift between the Indonesian twins and Nametha who asked them what Dorothy could've improved on. When they couldn't respond, Nametha said "You judge people but don't want to give judgements?" Ouch!

The fallout
Veronika and Valerie did not like how Nametha had raised her voice at them. "Nametha doesn't have manners," Valerie said. They then decided to confront her in the Good Girls room. Nametha's blunt response: "Well, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings sweetheart but this is how I talk and I don't care if you get hurt."

The very wet photo shoot
This week's photo shoot was for Neutrogena and the girls were required to submerge themselves in a bathtub full of water. "We're not selling sexy. We're selling sophisticated elegance," AsNTM host, Cindy Bishop said. AsNTM Season 3 winner Aimee Cheng Bradshaw was around to mentor the girls.

From left: Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Posing in water proved to be quite tricky and Vietnam's Minh Tu had to remove her contact lenses to get the perfect shot. Meanwhile, Taiwan's Cindy had trouble impressing creative director Yu Tsai with her poses. "It's so peaceful I am falling asleep!" he shouted at one point.

Cindy struggles to get her pose right during the photo shoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Nametha's little secret
Back at the house, Veronika revealed to the Good Girls that she caught Nametha using WiFi – the contestants are meant to abide by strict no-internet rules.

Clara warned Nametha that the twins were going to confront her. Eventually, Nametha admitted to her offence and explained that she just had to send her family one message. "I made a mistake? Yes. Did I regret it? No," she said. But the twins were still furious that Clara tipped Nametha off; they later kicked Clara out of the Good Girls room.

You should really expect the unexpected
Guest judge and model Madi Ross joined Cindy, Cara, and Yu Tsai at this week's panel. Most of the girls received mixed reviews for their Neutrogena photos but the judges loved Cindy and Nametha's photos the most. (You have to watch the episode for Cindy's Gandalf impression!)

Howeer, Nametha wasn't let off the hook so easily when Cindy brought up her breach of contract. Dorothy thought Nametha should be eliminated for that, and most of the girls sided with her.

Cindy tells Nametha that she will have to face the consequences for breaking the rules (Photo: Pottle Productions)

This week's best photo went to Cindy, who was crowned the new face of Neutrogena. Nametha placed second, followed by Maureen and Shikin.

From left: Nametha and Shikin's final photos (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Despite winning the social media challenge, Dorothy received the lowest score (34.8) with Veronika just ahead with 35.5 points. In a shocking turn of events, instead of Dorothy going home, Nametha was eliminated for breaking the rules.

Cindy wrote in an Instagram post: "I was so frustrated and still am that @namethaa_ had to leave the competition so early... Girl, you broke the rules. Unfortunately there are consequences." An unforgettable lesson for all remaining and future contestants.

What's next?
Next week, the contestants go all out to shine in a fashion film shoot. The growing animosity between some of the girls makes it harder for them to work together.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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