A recap of Asia's Next Top Model 5: Episode 5

We speak exclusively to the contestant who was eliminated

By Lydia Chan | Published: 4 May 2017

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This week's episode of Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 was all about makeup. We also spoke exclusively to the contestant who was eliminated. Read on for the best bits of yesterday's episode.


The post-elimination feels
Despite winning best picture last week, Vietnam's Tu was still upset over losing her good friend, Singaporean Layla at elimination. Elsewhere, contestants in the 'bad girls' room were just glad not to lose another roommate as one of their own, Thailand's Dorothy was in the bottom two.

"Pull that sh-t one more time and I'll beat the sh-t out of you," Singaporean contestant, Nametha said jokingly to her. That's one way to motivate a friend!

The Maybelline social media challenge
Model mentor Cara was back and joined by special guest, beauty blogger Cindercella for this week's Maybelline-themed challenge, 'Louder than Words'.

Special guest Cindercella and mentor Cara G. McIlroy (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The contestants were split into three groups, with each girl given a phrase as a reference for the Maybelline look she will create. The girls had to take their own photos, and the winners would be picked based on which group told a story best using their combined photos, and awarded with Maybelline products.

Malaysian contestant Shikin butted heads with group mate Indonesia's Valerie. With "two bossy girls" working together, it's no surprise that there was a slight tug-of-war for being in charge.

Shikin and Valerie during the group challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Elsewhere, in Filipino Maureen's group, tensions rose when the group was fed up with how slowly Maureen applied her makeup, prompting Indonesian Clara to keep hurrying her up. "I just want Clara to shut up and let me finish my makeup," Maureen said to camera.

More drama unfolded when Clara kept criticising Maureen's photography skills. "If you don't get [the shot], you're stupid!" Clara said. Woah, tone it down, please.

Clara's not having it with her group mate Maureen (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Despite all the drama, Maureen's group won the challenge – perhaps you do have to suffer a little to win. However, the individual challenge scores were compared and Shikin bagged the top spot. Atta, girl!

Life of an It girl
Sticking with the Maybelline theme, this week's photo shoot had the contestants living the life of a Maybelline It girl. Inspired by one of the brand's faces, supermodel Gigi Hadid, the girls were assigned one of three signature Maybelline looks – Uptown Princess, Downtown Edge or Midtown Girl – and were photographed in paparazzi-inspired shots. As an added incentive, the model with the best picture of the week will be featured in a Maybelline campaign. Model Madi Ross also served as a special consultant alongside mentor Cara G. McIlroy.

Shikin was pumped for this week's shoot and breezed through with a positive, go-getter mindset. Her efforts paid off as Cara said, "Shikin, you're kind of blowing my mind." That's how it's done!

Shikin on set (Photo: Pottle Productions)

On the other hand, fellow Malaysian contestant Alicia struggled during her time on set. She had first been worried about her figure-hugging dress, but also kept her eyes half-closed in many shots in attempt to show off her bold eye makeup, prompting criticism from Madi and Cara.

Alicia on set (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Clara's time on set didn't go too smoothly either. She complained about her outfit right from the start and needed constant guidance from mentor Cara. The model, however, didn't think she needed the help.

"Judges tell me I'm lost but I don't think I'm lost," Clara said. You'll see how this plays out later during panel.

The judging panel
This week, judges Cindy Bishop, Yu Tsai and Cara were joined by Maybelline New York's creative director, Nigel Stanisalaus.

Guest judge Nigel Stanisalaus with Cara, Cindy and Yu Tsai (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Alicia's time in front of the judges was rough – Nigel "expected something a bit more fierce" and Cindy felt like Alicia just looked "like a girl stood up at the bar." Similarly, Clara also received negative critiques from Cara, who said she was "so disappointing to work with this week."

On a positive note, Shikin's photo was well-received by the judges. Elsewhere, Cindy praised Maureen for "turning into a model from a little girl."

The verdict
It seems like Maureen has finally come into her own as the model won best picture of the week.

Best photo of the week goes to Maureen (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Alicia and Clara were in the bottom two and sadly, despite her best efforts, the Malaysian contestant was sent home. Despite being eliminated, Alicia took it in stride and had to console an upset Clara instead.

Alicia consoling Clara (Photo: Pottle Productions)

We spoke exclusively to Alicia after the episode premiere.

"I have one of the strongest portfolios among the contestants and yet, I only made it to top 10 and wasn't very liked week to week by panel. Everyone has a market and a time as a model and mine clearly wasn't Asia's Next Top Model," she said. "However, at home here, I'm blessed to have so many people who let me work for them and believe in me like local magazines and designers."

"I've also already moved on from the elimination and am soon travelling to Indonesia with an agency, so it really wasn't the end," she continued. We're still so proud of you, Alicia!

Alicia saying goodbye to head judge Cindy (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Malaysian fans need not worry: contestant Shikin is still on the show and working her way to the top – she won second-best picture this week.

Shikin Gomez in Week 5's photoshoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)
Alicia Amin in Week 5's photoshoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

What's next?
Heads continue to butt as a fall-out occurs between Nametha and the Indonesian twins. At panel, tensions reach an all-time high when Dorothy throws Nametha under the bus, saying the latter should be eliminated. Uh-oh.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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