A recap of Asia's Next Top Model 5: Episode 4

The contestants no longer play nice and one girl gets an ultimatum

By Lydia Chan | Published: 27 Apr 2017

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Week four of Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 had the contestants lashing out at one another and creative director Yu Tsai even told one girl to leave if she's not happy. We highlight the key moments below.


The face-off
Vietnam's Tu suggested implementing a midnight curfew so she can sleep early, and pointed out that some of the girls like Indonesia's Clara were a little too loud. Clara felt attacked; we're not sure who started it first, but the two were suddenly all up in each other's faces. The other models had to jump in to keep the girls apart.

"Be a woman, not a little girl to me," Tu said angrily, before storming off. Clara's response to the camera: "Don't slap people if you don't want people to slap back." Singaporean contestant Nametha sided with Tu, calling Clara inconsiderate. And this was only the beginning of the drama between Clara and Nametha.

The challenge
Social media influencer Andrea Chong paid a visit to the model house to tell the girls about this week's challenge: tapping into their social media personality. The contestants were split into four groups for 'I woke up like this' selfies.

Andrea Chong (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Clara and Nametha were put in the same group and they obviously weren't happy about it. Malaysian model Shikin Gomez struggled with her group mates, Dorothy from Thailand and Layla from Singapore; Shikin was frustrated with Layla's lack of energy and had to keep asking her if she was okay. It's like last week all over again!

Indonesia's Veronika during the 'I Woke Up Like This' challenge (Photo: Pottle Productions)

In the end, it was Indonesian contestant Valerie who won the challenge. Alicia came in a very close second, just 0.3 points away from first place – good job! Layla fell to last place, but didn't seem too bothered by it, saying "I just hope for the best, man." (OH MY GOD, COME ON.)

Models party hard
The contestants were surprised with a poolside feast, complete with bottles of wine. An impromptu pool party broke out and, as some of the girls haven't had a drink in a while, things got quite rowdy – Clara really loved that white wine.

Fighting for the spotlight
It was the season's first group photoshoot, which involved the contestants posing in a stationary bus. They maintained the same groups from the social media challenge, so Nametha and Clara were stuck with each other again. Uh oh.

Layla was once again on a different page from her group mates, Shikin and Dorothy. The group was forced to put their shoot on hold to go over their poses (creative director and photographer Yu Tsai wasn't too happy with how they weren't in sync).

"I never did a group shot before, so I don't know what it's like to connect with group mates," Layla said. Was it a lack of experience or lack of effort? You guys be the judge.

From left: Layla, Dorothy and Shikin (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Alicia's group was up next, but Yu Tsai felt like she was not standing out. Alicia shared her insecurity about posing straight to the camera since she has "bigger hips". Yu Tsai's response: "Embrace your flawsome (awesome flaws)". This advice gave Alicia the boost she needed. She said to camera later, "I'm going to kill you with these hips." YES, GIRL.

From left: Cindy, Tu and Alicia (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Move, b-tch!
When it was time for Nametha's group, Yu Tsai called out the lack of chemistry between her and Clara. "I feel nothing [between the two of you]! Do you even like each other?" he asked. Hint: they answered honestly.

Yu Tsai encouraged them to use that tension to their advantage, causing Nametha to tell Clara (jokingly or not, we're not sure), "Move b-tch, get out the way." Apparently, it improved the group's chemistry tremendously.

From left: Clara, Nametha, Valerie (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The judging panel
Models Madi Ross and Jason Godfrey joined head judge Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai on the panel this week.

Judges Madi Ross, Jason Godfrey, Cindy and Yu Tsai (Photo: Pottle Productions)

When Layla faced the judges, Yu Tsai described his time on set with her group as "a bunch of crazy chickens, pecking at each other the entire time." Judge Cindy noted that Layla looked like she'd completely given up, while Yu Tsai dealt her an ultimatum: "If you're happier not being here, turn around and walk out."

Photo: Pottle Productions

A teary-eyed Layla said she doesn't know if she wants to stay or leave. (Everyone must have been screaming at the TV screen in frustration at this point.) Yu Tsai shot back, "I'm insulted. If you're not sure, I'm not sure you should stay in the competition." Elsewhere, Cindy called Dorothy's photo "one of the worst photos in the entire set."

The verdict
Tu's hard work and determination paid off and the Vietnamese model won best picture with her stunning shot. In the end, Layla and Dorothy found themselves in the bottom two and ultimately, Layla was sent home.

Layla crying to judge Cindy (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Layla later confessed to the camera that she felt like she has "no passion for life" and hopes to better herself – we hope so too.

Despite Alicia almost winning this week's challenge, she still found herself in the bottom three. Shikin also ended up towards the end of the pack, but we'd never put it past them to bounce back next time.

What's next?
Tension mounts as the off-set drama is reflected in the contestants' work. The contestants also get a taste of being a Maybelline It girl. On the judging panel, Yu Tsai gets tough with one girl, saying "If you want my advice, you listen." We'll just have to wait until next week to find out who was at the receiving end.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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