A recap of Asia's Next Top Model 5: Episode 3

It's makeover week; drama mounts

By Lydia Chan | Published: 20 Apr 2017

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It was makeover time on this week's episode of Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 and in true Top Model fashion, there were tears, fears and even tantrums. The girls' first photo shoot with creative director Yu Tsai also proved to be tougher than expected; one model passed out! We recall the best parts of the episode.


The alliances
It's clear that the girls have found their own cliques and have split up into two groups, based on their sleeping arrangements: the 'good girls' and the 'bad girls' room. Each group is concerned about losing a member at elimination and it seems like they'll do anything to keep their groups intact – we can't wait to see how this all plays out.

The shocking makeover twist
Yu Tsai surprised the girls at the model house along with Marvin Wee, creative director of the Jean Yip Group which only meant one thing: makeover time! The girls were given two makeover options but in a surprising twist, Thailand's Dorothy (she won best picture last week) got to pick one of two makeover options for the other contestants. She was clearly enjoying the power and even said "If I don't like you, I'll cut you out. We need to get rid of those in the 'good girls' room." Hats off to the producers for this big dose of reality TV drama.

Dorothy dealt out a drastic change for Indonesia's Clara, who was very upset about having her long hair cut to a shoulder length. "I wish [Clara will] go home," Dorothy said. "I'm so sick of her crying."

Tantrums at the salon
Most of the models embraced their makeovers – Malaysian contestant Alicia was excited for her much shorter 'do, while Jennica from the Philippines thought that a new hair style might give her a boost in the competition after being in last week's bottom two.

Alicia Amin enjoying her haircut (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Clara's reaction to her short hair was a little more extreme: "I look ugly, I will be single, my boyfriend will break up with me." Woah, it's just a hair cut! Head judge Cindy wasn't having any of Clara's tantrums.

"You are not being professional," Cindy told her. "This is part of the competition. I'm not going to come in here and baby you anymore, do you understand?" Uh-oh.

Cindy Bishop tells Clara off for making a fuss about her makeover (Photo: Pottle Productions)

On set with Yu Tsai
This week's photo shoot was all about denim and it was the first time Yu Tsai directed the girls. Special guest, Malaysian supermodel Ling Tan was also there to offer modelling advice.

Yu Tsai and Ling Tan on set(Photo: Pottle Productions)

The girls posed on a huge wicker chair in a field, which gave us major classic Guess campaign vibes. During Alicia's time in front of the camera, Yu Tsai literally stopped her shoot and showed her how it was done, concluding with a "Don't waste my time, girl." Ouch. However, our Malaysian contestant quickly bounced back and killed it. Elsewhere, Maureen got yelled at to "get into the zone," and Jennica enjoyed seeing her fellow Filipino contestant struggle. "I want to be the only Filipina left," Jennica said. "I hope [Maureen] gets eliminated tomorrow." Will karma come calling? Read on.

Vietnamese contestant Tu fainted
Tu did extremely well at her shoot, but suddenly collapsed afterwards due to overexertion. We later learned that she was born with a hole in her heart, but she's going to keep pushing forward. "If I fall down, Vietnam will down too – I need to be strong," she said. You have to admire her sheer determination.

Tu on set before fainting (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Meanwhile, Singaporean Layla was having a tough time giving it her all during the shoot, prompting Yu Tsai to say, "I'm getting 'I don't give a crap', 'I don't want to be here anymore'." His comment caused her to tear up, and all we can think of is the time Tyra lost it at America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 contestant Tiffany.

The judging panel
Mentor Cara was not at judging this week but special guest Ling Tan joined Cindy and Yu Tsai instead. Yu Tsai's brutal honesty caused heads to butt with his opinions differing from the other two. Maureen was called out for being "hard to work with" and making Yu Tsai angry on-set; Singaporean Nametha's picture was praised for being "ugly beautiful."

The judges dishing out their critiques (Photo: Pottle Productions)

However, it was when Layla stood before the judges that she revealed something pretty shocking. Teary-eyed, she admitted that she doesn't think she can win the competition and said she's just here "to learn more." COME ON, LAYLA.

Layla having a low self-esteem moment (Photo: Pottle Productions)

The verdict
Taiwanese contestant, Cindy bagged best picture of the week with her edgy photo. Ironically, the two remaining Filipino contestants Jennica and Maureen were in the bottom two. Ultimately, Jennica was sent home. Her parting words to the camera: "Maureen just has a pretty face, she doesn't deserve to be here." Drama literally right until the end.

Best picture goes to Cindy (Photo: Pottle Productions)

Our Malaysian girls did well this week! Shikin Gomez came out in the top three and Alicia moved up from the bottom rankings to sixth place. Let's keep it going, girls!

Shikin Gomez in Week 3's photoshoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)
Alicia Amin in Week 3's photoshoot (Photo: Pottle Productions)

What's next?
Drama comes to an all-time high in episode 4 with the contestants going head-to-head in a screaming match. The girls also have their first group photo shoot and with so many strong personalities fighting for the camera's attention, this will be some great television.

Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on StarWorld, Astro channel 711 and 722 HD.

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