What to look out for at Singapore Art Week

Ahead of Art Stage Singapore 2017, we previewed exhibits at Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery and Pearl Lam Galleries

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 12 Jan 2017

SG Art Week 2017
Reunion (Detail) 2016. Silicone, pigment, resin, human hair. (Photo:

Art Stage Singapore returns for its 7th installment this year. As it opens its doors to the public today, we previewed exhibits held by two of the 131 galleries participating in the contemporary art fair. Art Stage Singapore runs from today until 15th January as part of Singapore Art Week, a celebration of visual arts through various discussions, exhibits, and events.

"He's a perfectionist", a term used more than once by colleagues of Australian sculptor Sam Jinks at the media preview of his exhibit, Immortality Project I. True enough, Jinks' eye for detail resulted in remarkably lifelike pieces here on display at the Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery (of Australian origins) at Gillman Barracks. Known for his works inspired by the human figure, Jinks' sculptures have the ability to capture a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

Walking into the gallery space, one can't help but to do double (or triple, more like) takes at the sculptures. Made from a combination of medical grade silicone, resin, and pigment, it is the delicate veins beneath skin, slightly imperfect fingernails and human hair that help bring the sculptures to life. At the center of this exhibit is the head of Medusa from Greek Mythology. Jinks' interpretation of Medusa is based on his wife, Emma. While most of Jinks' sculptures feature closed eyes and downcast faces, the Medusa stares right at the viewer to reflect Emma's power and strength.

Medusa (Beloved) 2016. Silicone, pigment, resin. (Photo:
Medusa (Beloved), detail 2016. Silicone, pigment, resin. (Photo:

Sam Jinks: Immortality Project I is on display at the Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery in Gillman Barracks, Singapore from now until February 12th.

Beijing-based artist Zhu Jinshi presents his dual-space solo exhibition at Pearl Lam Galleries in Gillman Barracks and Dempsey Hill. Head to the Gillman Barracks gallery to see Jinshi's work spanning a 50-year period through installations and text that reflect his relationship with art, including one featuring hunged up paintbrushes that corresponds with his past works.

Presence of Whiteness 3, 2006-09. Oil paint, paintbrushes. (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Over at Dempsey Hill, thick applications of oil paints form artworks in stunning colour combinations that stand out against a white canvas. Jinshi sees paint as an embodiment of time, and the stark white background is where time freezes. Is it a painting? Or a sculpture? With Zhu Jinshi's multidimensional works at the this exhibit, it can easily be both.

All That Remains, 2016. Oil on canvas. (Photo: Pearl Lam Galleries)

Presence of Whiteness: Zhu Jinshi is on at Gillman Barracks, Singapore from now until April 30th and at Dempsey Hill from now until March 5th.

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