Watch the 'Inside Out' trailer

Apparently, our brains are controlled by tiny animated (and insanely cute) characters that represent each emotion

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Dec 2014

Video: Disney UK

Imagine if the billions of neurons in your brain took the form of little people, each representing a distinctive emotion. Pixar wows our socks off again, this time with a quirky animated film, Inside Out, where it seems that said little people work like a team of soldiers in crisis prevention. In your brain.

The trailer sees a little girl, Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) being as defiant as any kid would be after having her life uprooted when her father gets a new job in San Francisco. We get a look at how the little emotions in her, her mother's as well as her father's brains work – with buttons, levers and all – as the conversation turns from a casual "How was school?" one into, well, you'd probably be able to guess by now.

Watch the trailer and see if you aren't as excited as us to catch the film in cinemas come 20 August 2015 (thanks for that half-year wait, Disney).

Inside Out also features the voices of Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Bill Hader and Phyllis Smith.

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