Watch Yuna's heartbreaking new narrative video for 'Poor Heart'

We already had to hold back tears one minute into the short film

By Andrea Tim | Published: 27 Oct 2016

Video: Yuna Vevo

Yuna's music career is only getting more and more exciting. Our October cover girl just released a new narrative video on Noisey to accompany her song Poor Heart, and it asks a potent question that will make even the coldest of hearts twinge a little: "How do you find a forgotten heart?"

"Sometimes an old heart just needs a new body. And a lifeless body just needs a new heart."

*Calmly gets up to walk the emotions off, steals tissues from colleague's table when no one is looking.*

Of the latest episode from the Chapters film project, Yuna said: "I had this idea of releasing the songs in stages, and every song goes with a narrative video, or short film, to really bring the song to life. I worked with [director] Raul Sanchez on this video, the story and the concept was a collaborative effort."

In other news, Yuna mentioned during an interview with Noisey that she was looking forward to the 2017 Grammy Awards nominations, going on to say how starstruck she was about visiting the Grammy office in Los Angeles for the first time.

"They're letting me know how the system works and the voting and I'm like 'Ah crap I probably won't have any chance but, let's just do it!'" she said.

Never say never, Yuna!

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