Watch Downton Abbey's hilarious Text Santa Christmas sketch

Yup, it's the one with George Clooney in it, and it's so cheeky

By Andrea Tim | Published: 22 Dec 2014

Downton Abbey sketch
Photo: Downton Abbey/Twitter

What would have happened if Downton Abbey's Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham, was never born? Apparently, a very charming George Clooney would have taken his place as Lady Cora's husband and head of the Downton estate, leading to a certain frivolity in the household that would (normally) be absent in the television drama we all know and love.

As he mulls over an alarming financial problem, Robert is visited by an angel (played by the awesome Joanna Lumley, of Absolutely Fabulous fame) who takes him on a trip to an alternate universe where he never existed. Everyone else – apart from the addition of George as George Oceans Gravity, Marquis of Hollywood (we see what they did there) and Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge – is just as we know them in Downton Abbey, but with their personalities exaggerated.

The cast breaks the fourth wall, takes selfies, flirts, gambles, wears Lord Grantham's best bedroom slippers (how preposterous!) and gets away with all of it. And you just wait and see what happens when His Most Honourable George Oceans Gravity kisses Lady Violet's hand. Really, it's little things like these that make you love Maggie Smith.

The two-part Downton Abbey for Text Santa special aired on 19 December 2014 to promote ITV's Christmas charity. Click here to donate.

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