Vanessa Carlton goes indie in new song 'Young Heart'

She's not making her way downtown anymore

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 21 Apr 2015

Vanessa's new song
Photo: Getty Images

Almost four years after her last album, Rabbits on the Run, Vanessa Carlton finally makes a comeback with a new song called Young Heart.

As Esquire reports, the Pennsylvania singer has left the major record label system and started working with British producer Steve Osborne. But what inspired Vanessa to produce such a different sound?

"Almost everyone I know wishes they had, in some relationship or another in your past... wished that you had kind of done it differently. Or connected differently or were able to express differently," she said. "You have to learn along the way, not everything survives. It's just not mean to. And then what does unfold and what does come together, it kind of comes together usually at the time that you've been able to develop it."

The new track won't be on Vanessa's upcoming album, Liberman. Instead she is releasing it as a "pre-single single" to give fans a taste of the style of the new album. Give the track a listen below. It's definitely not another A Thousand Miles.


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