Our upside down lives just found the perfect home

There is a cute double storey upside down house in KL

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 13 Jul 2016

Upside Down House KL
Photo: Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

If you find yourself wondering what's there to do in KL, we suggest a visit to the Upside Down House. Located on Lorong P Ramlee, next to KL Tower, the Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House is open to all visitors for a fee of RM15 (adults) or RM10 (children).

The double storey house has the regular living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, and even a baby's room, except everything is literally upside down. There's even a yellow Volkswagen Beetle parked outside. Upside down, of course. While you're glued to the ceiling, just think of all the peculiar pictures you'll be able to take, or how much of a chore it would be to reach for the fridge. Yes, life is tough.

Photo: Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

This isn't the only upside down home in Malaysia. Melaka and Penang have one each, and they are just as topsy-turvy.

Address: Jalan Pm 7, Plaza Mahkota, 75000, Melaka
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm
Contact: 011 1072 2260 
Admission fee: With MyKad, RM15 for adults, RM10 for children. Without MyKad, RM20 for adults, RM16 for children.


Address: 45 Kimberley Street, 10100 George Town, Penang   
Opening hours: Mondays, 8.45am to 6.30pm, weekends and public holidays, 8.45am to 7.30pm 
Contact: 04 264 2660 
Admission fee: Without MyKad, RM27 for adults, RM16 for children. With MyKad, RM16 for adults, RM8 for children.



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