Three dancers from London tour the world topless, and the world follows suit

Forget your self-absorbed holiday selfies; The Topless Tour trumps all vacation photos

By Andrea Tim | Published: 17 Jun 2014

The Topless Tour
Photo: the_topless_tour/Instagram

You must admit that this is one smart move around Instagram's anti-nudity (read: anti-nipple) policy, which Rihanna and Scout Willis weren't so lucky to avoid. On impulse during a hike in Norway, roommates Olivia Edginton, Ingvild Marstein Olsen, and Lydia Buckler decided to go topless for a photo, which they took with their backs facing the camera.

And thus a trend began. It's not just for fun and for the excuse of baring it all, though; The Topless Tour are on a mission. "We love seeing all the beautiful photos and hearing the touching stories, but what is so wonderful is that underneath lies the powerful message of taking pride in our differences and embracing the love for the body," Olivia told

"Being topless doesn't have to be about filth and sex; the human body is beautiful."

Would you dare to bare when you're next on holiday? 


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