The new 'Suicide Squad' trailer is crazier than ever

Also, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is definitely the perfect soundtrack for this

By Andrea Tim | Published: 20 Jan 2016

Video: Warner Bros. Pictures

Eight months may seem a long wait before Suicide Squad hits cinemas, but think about it – it's already been six months since watching the first look video.

And now, more than anything else, Margot Robbie is making us very excited about Harley Quinn, with her psychotic demeanour and even more demented jokes. Where the Joker (Jared Leto kills us every time) is purely insane, Harley is crazy-funny and oh, she steals a bag because "it's what we do."

We wish Cara Delevingne had more screen time in the trailer, but we'll appreciate not having everything given away until the film actually comes out on 4 August 2016. Also spotted in the new trailer is a very fit Scott Eastwood, whose role is still unknown (but from what we can see, he's probably one of the good guys).

So much goes on in under two and a half minutes, which means you'll have to watch the trailer a few times to let things sink in. What's an eight-month wait when we're already on the ride of our lives?

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