The Selfiest Cities In The World

PJ, George Town, KL and JB have been found to be among the 'selfiest' cities in the world

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 12 Mar 2014

The Selfiest Cities
Photo: Time

In a highly scientific study undertaken by Time, it has been revealed that Makati City in the Philippines is the ‘selfiest’ city in the world. [Word coined by Time.] Time built a database of Instagram photos that were tagged #selfie and included geographic coordinates, and mapped them to see which countries took the most selfies. Makati City holds number one spot, while Manhattan is number two, and Miami takes three.

Malaysia makes a good showing, with PJ taking number five (that’s 141 selfies per 100,000 people), George Town at number 10 (95 per 100,000 people), KL at a surprisingly low 21 (72,000 per 100,000 people) and Johor Bahru clocking in at 50 (48 per 100,000 people).

The results are interesting, if not completely conclusive. The study doesn’t account, for instance, for ungeo-tagged selfies, selfies that aren’t tagged #selfie, non-selfies that are tagged #selfie or even the selfies that are uploaded on Twitter, Facebook or not uploaded at all. This should in fact be known as the study of geo-tagged selfies on Instagram. But that wouldn’t be as good a name.


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