The Queen isn't impressed by your selfies

Put your mobile phones down before she calls the guards

By Nalisa Alia Amin | Published: 4 Sep 2014

Anti-selfie Queen
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Not long ago, commoners would stand outside on the pavement to catch a glimpse of the Royal family but as technology booms, it seems that people are more interested in grabbing a Royal selfie  than greeting the Royal family.

And the Queen isn't pleased. Not at all.

According to The Telegraph, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II confided to US ambassador Matthew Barzun that she finds it "strange" to see a sea of mobile phones whenever she looks up. “She was essentially saying: 'I miss eye contact,’" the ambassador said, after his "nice chat" with HRH at Buckingham Palace.

Don't take the Queen for a technophobe though; the Queen has owned a mobile phone since 2001 and also owns an iPod. Her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry also taught their grandma how to receive and send text messages.

Maybe, reasonably enough, the Queen just doesn't like mobile phones shoved in her face. So, people all around, whenever HRH is around, it's time to put your mobile phones down.


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