The MyIdol app that has taken social media by storm

If you haven't downloaded it already, now is the time

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 28 Apr 2015

MyIdol App
Andrea Tim as MyIdol. Photo: ELLE Malaysia/MyIdol

It's the app that basically every iPhone owner we know has succumbed to in the past week, and we are no exception. We're talking about MyIdol, of course, a Chinese app from Huanshi Ltd. that generates dancing and singing avatars with faces taken from your selfies. Yes, you heard us: the app allows users to create their own 3D mini-me and save it as a gif, a snapshot or even a video.

Users can also save it to their camera roll and upload it to any social media platform. And because we're hard hitting investigative reporters we had to try it for ourselves. Or more accurately, we asked (*cough* forced) our dedicated writer, Andrea Tim, to be our guinea pig (see above). 

If you think it sounds like a lot of fun to watch your eerie tiny doppelganger pole dance, catwalk or sing along to emotional Chinese songs, you'd be right. We spent the best part of an afternoon doing it (don't tell the boss). The only problem we had with the app is that we couldn't read the Chinese instructions. It can be frustrating navigating the interface when you can't really understand what you're doing, but persist because it's worth it. And there is an official English guide for non-Chinese users if you need some help. It is rumoured that Huanshi will release an English version of the app very soon (and hopefully one for Android users too), but in the meantime, enjoy our very own Andy Tim avatar here.


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